Vanessa and Morgan on Attracting, Recognizing and Honoring Your True Life-Partner

Wanna, Coulda, Woulda

Morgan and I have mentioned many a times the magic use of the “W” words (Would and Will instead of Could and Can) when asking men to do stuff… I learned this by reading “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus,” by John Gray and I have put it to good use with ex-husbands, bosses, male friends and even my dad.

Just last night we were watching an old episode of “Big Bang Theory” and someone knocked on Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment door:

Leonard to Sheldon: “Wanna get that?”
Sheldon: “No.”
Leonard: “Could you get that?”
Sheldon: “Sure, but I don’t want to.”
Leonard: “Would you get that?”
Sheldon: “Of course. Why do you have to complicate things?”

LOL! See… it works!

For those of you in the Support group… “See” you tomorrow at NOON! If you’d like to find the right person to share your life with… contact us and we’ll help you get it done!

Laundry Math

Just a simple reminder how differently men and women think… and how important it is to communicate in a healthy relationship!  My husband did the laundry yesterday.  But, somehow, I’m still doing laundry today.  How is that?  I asked him, “How come you didn’t do the light-colored clothes?”  His answer, “I did TWO loads of laundry.”

Male definition “laundry:” put something in the washer, dry it, maybe fold it and put it away.

Female definition “laundry:” search the house for all dirty clothes, make piles, proceed through all piles, wash, dry, fold and put away.

The thing is… we still have to thank them for “doing the laundry,” even when, in our minds, they didn’t FINISH doing the laundry.  The trick here, and one of the most deeply spiritual tools we teach… is gratitude!

Thank him.  Thank the universe for bringing you a man who does laundry.  Thank the sun for shining and the roof over your head.  Be grateful.  Life and love will flow more smoothly.  And, next time, he might do even more of the laundry!

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Fishes and Bicycles

A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.

Have you ever heard that saying?

Fishes don’t NEED bicycles!  Fish are entirely independent creatures who can transport themselves where they need to go without two wheels and pedals.  So… why do we coach women on how to find love?  Well, our philosophy is that a healthy relationship isn’t about need… it’s about PARTNERSHIP.  We want to give women the strength and tools to choose the relationships that support them.  When you lift each other up… that’s when you know you are equal and balanced.  Call us to find out more about our classes on how to find YOUR true life-partner (310-902-1515).  Take control.  Make your own, “It’s meant to be!”

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With Love,

Vanessa and Morgan

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